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The RAA family is made up of every person who supports, cares for, teaches, nourishes, loves, and accepts our special little ones.

These individuals go above and beyond every day, and we want them to know that their love has not gone unnoticed.

These individuals are you…

And you are our heroes


If you’re new to the area, or you have a child in your family that has received an ASD diagnosis start here.


Because of your support we are able to host many social and educational events throughout the year.

Learn more about donating.


We are a unique community, a community that know how to come together to support one another.

We are a community that knows what it means to truly care for your neighbor.

We are a community that recognizes the importance of education, understanding, and acceptance.

This is not only who we are, but is its what we teach our children to be.

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Our Sponsors

Be sure to see who sponsors Ridgecrest Autism Awareness.

Our Sponsors

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Many members of our community have already joined us in this effort.

Many others have been generous in supporting our efforts to increase awareness in our community.

This has truly been a community effort and it is growing.

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