• Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) affects 1 in 50 American children.
  • Autism crosses all racial, ethnic, and socio-economic groups.
  • Autism is 5 times more common in boys than girls.
  • Families with a child with autism spend an annual average of 6.2 times more on medical expenses… and 9.5 times more on annual living expenses.
  • Not to mention the emotional, mental, and physical demands of caring for a child with autism.

We, as a community, can do better…

  • These families need to know that they are not alone.
  • It is up to each one of us to increase our understanding – to help these children to reach their full potential.
  • We can have a greater understanding of autism, and a greater understanding of these individual children.
  • Many of these children are the most intelligent people that you will ever know.
  • Most of them possess compassion and the ability to love more deeply than we can imagine.

These children will be a significant part of our future, and we must provide opportunities for them to flourish.